Monday, April 30, 2007

How to Make a Boyfriend ?

Have you started a relationship with that special guy,
but you're not quite sure how to get that kiss you've been
longing for? If you're too shy to take the initiative, there
are a few ways to pique your gentleman's interest to the
point where you'll get that long-awaited smooch.

Step One
Brush your teeth before you get together. There's nothing
worse than kissing someone with bad breath, or someone
who still has leftovers stuck between their pearly whites.

Step Two
Break the "touch barrier." Touch his elbow, hold hands,
put a hand on his knee. Breaking this barrier will help both
of you get past some of the hangups the two of you may
have about physical contact.

Step Three
Be mentally prepared as the moment approaches. Most first
kisses happen toward the end of a date. Visualize in your mind
what you want to have happen.

Step Four
Look him in the eyes and bite your lower lip slightly. You
should smile gently.

Step Five
Take a few steps forward and touch his elbow. By this time,
he should lean forward and kiss you.

Step Six
When he starts to close his eyes, close yours and lean
forward slightly. He'll be more than happy to do the work.

Step Seven
When you do kiss him, don't rush off to tell everyone. Some
guys are shy and won't appreciate you sharing something
between the two of you with all your friends.


* If you don't get the kiss the first time you try for it, don't
sweat it. Some guys are more shy than others when it
comes to physical contact.

* If you're lucky enough to get the kiss, follow it where it
may go. If his kiss is soft, respond with a soft touch of
your own.

* If you are upfront about kissing, then just ask him what
he would do if you kissed him.

* If you're going for a kiss goodnight, linger at the door for
a moment. Break that "touch barrier" again. Look into his
eyes and smile as you stand close to him, with your shoulders
square to his.

* Make sure you pop in some mints before you kiss!

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