Friday, May 4, 2007

I Need a Friendship with Girl and Boys

All of us want and need friendships for a strong relationship.
Early friends teach us many needed skills for future relationships.
For example, we learn to share, understand someone else's feelings,
communicate and practice making and keeping friendships. Because
these friendships teach us so much and are so essential to our
happiness it is important to focus on having genuine and lasting

A friend can help fill many needs in our lives: the need for sharing
activities with someone, for communication, for being like and
appreciated, for trusting and being trusted and for confiding
in someone. Often popularity is determined by the number
of people we say 'hi' to or greet with a slap on the back but
popularity does not necessarily mean you have friendships
which meet your needs. Only true and genuine friends can help
meet these very basic needs that each of us has.

What goes into building true and lasting friendships for you?

The basic signs of genuine friendship:

* Friendship takes time.
* Friendship evolves as two people take time for one
another to share activities, plans and interests. Acquaintances
or people we know only well enough to say 'hi' to, certainly are
not true friends; but this group can be considered the pool from
which we make, with time, close and genuine friends.
* True friends show kindness toward each other.
* True friends care about what is really best for each other and
will have the courage to speak up if a friend is doing something
that could be harmful to himself and or others.
* Genuine friendship is built on loyalty and trust. When you
are having problems, a true friend will stand by you and won't
tell the world about what you are going through.
* In a real friendship you will give of your time and energy to your
friend and will feel good about being able to help. This doesn't mean
that you control or dominate the other person, but simply that
you are there when he needs you.
* You can be yourself with a true friend and know that you will be

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